Terms & Conditions

  • You will see the total shipping fee against your order in the cart.
  • Shipping fee will be applicable basis on the estimated dead weight and movement of the products in the invoice of each consignment - of an order. Additionally, GST on shipping charge will be applicable as per the GST slab of the product in the invoice/consignment.
  • On every partial/full cancellation either by SARBOJAYA Business or by you - before the shipment is packed from our warehouse - the full shipping fee (inclusive of GST charges) shall be refunded to you.
  • Please note that in case of a partial cancellation - shipping charges will be re-calculated. The shipping charges may vary as per the initial amount based on estimated dead weight change.
  • Once the shipment is packed from the warehouse, we will not refund the shipping charge & corresponding GST for whole shipment.
  • If you return a product after it has been delivered, the shipping fee will be refunded with the corresponding GST basis the quantity returned.
  • The current shipping fee policy is valid with above defined rules however, it could be subject to change depending on business decisions.